Face And Body Uv Neon Paints

“Stand Out with Australia’s Most Popular UV Neon Face and Body Paints!

Ready to make a statement and shine bright in any crowd? Look no further than Australia’s leading UV Neon Paints for face and body! Renowned for their vibrant UV glow, these paints are the ultimate addition to any nightclub or UV rave party worldwide.

But these paints offer more than just striking visuals. They boast premium quality, featuring a smooth, thick texture that dries quickly on the skin for effortless application. Plus, being non-toxic and water-based, they’re completely safe to use. Conforming to the AUS/NZ ISO 8123.4 Childs Paints For Safety standards, they offer peace of mind for parents and party-goers alike.

Rest assured, our paints are free from shellfish, dairy, peanuts, eggs, wheat, or gluten. So why wait? Elevate your look and stand out at your next event with Australia’s top-rated UV Neon Face Paints! Just remember – these paints will only reveal their true colors under UV light.” Please Note: Fluro Violet may exhibit a different intensity compared to other colors.

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