15ml Glow In The Dark Face Paint, Set of 7 With Blacklight

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15ml Glow In The Dark Face Paint, Set of 7 With Blacklight
Introducing our 7 x 15ml Glow in the Dark Face Paints Plus Free Blacklight set, designed to elevate your party experience. Please note, the blister packet is not included.

Enhance the glow effect at your party with our UV Blacklight packages, specially crafted to amplify the luminosity of our paints.

Artistic Den proudly stands as the largest UV and Glow paint manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere. Located in Australia, our paints are widely utilized in neon runs, UV events, and nightclub rave festivals both locally and worldwide.

Our specialty 2-in-1 dual-purpose face and body paint product offers unique glowing properties, setting it apart from our other UV Paint Products.

Key features of our Glow-in-the-Dark body paint include:

– Glowing effect without the need for UV backlighting
– 2-in-1 functionality: glows naturally in the dark and fluoresces in neon colors under UV light
– Proudly Australian Made and conforms to strict Australian Standards (AUS/NZ ISO 1824.3 Face Paints Certified)
– Free from shellfish, dairy, peanuts, eggs, wheat, or gluten

How to use:
1. Apply paint to the area of the face/body and allow time to dry.
2. For a more intense glowing effect, apply additional coats.
3. Once the paint has dried, shine any light source at the Glow in the Dark paint for a few minutes, then enter a dark room. The paint will glow on its own!
4. The longer the charge your paint receives, the harder and longer the glowing effect.

Depending on the thickness or number of layers applied, the colors will glow differently. Thin layers will produce a phosphorescent bright green color, while thicker layers will result in colors closer to those seen in the photo description.

Our Pigment Loaded paints ensure that regardless of application, technique, or skill level, you are guaranteed to stand out with this specially designed unique face and body paint product.

Additional product performance:
1. In normal daylight, these paints are semi-transparent and virtually invisible on the skin.
2. Under UV Black Lights, these paints fluoresce brilliant neon colors.
3. In the dark, with no special lighting required, they naturally glow in the dark.

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Weight .25 kg

7 Tubes + Light, 5 x Uv Blacklight, 10 Uv blacklight, 25 Uv Blacklight

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