Calico Gusset Bags

One of the best and most economical eco-friendly alternatives available today is the wide calico gusset bag. With many states imposing bans on plastic bags, this practical and reliable option is perfect for a range of purposes and needs. Mothers, in particular, will love these bags for carrying their shopping. The wide gusset ensures that they can carry a wide variety of items without worrying about the bag tearing. In addition, calico bags can be personalised with screen printing, painting, or dying to match your individual style. Depending on your needs, there are gussets with different sizes ranging from 8cm to 15cm. You can rest easy knowing that these bags are made from 100% natural eco-cotton, ensuring they are both eco-friendly and sustainable. So why not make the switch today and do your bit for the environment, while enjoying the practicality and convenience of calico gusset bags.


Please Note: We do our best to make the sizes as accurate as possible, but these are all handmade, sizes can very up 30mm.

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