Calico Santa Drawstring Bags

Calico Santa Drawstring Bags offer a delightful and festive way to present gifts during the holiday season. Crafted from unbleached cotton fabric, these bags feature charming Santa Claus designs that evoke the spirit of Christmas. The convenient drawstring closure ensures easy access to gifts while adding a touch of elegance to the presentation.

These bags come in various sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of gifts, from small stocking stuffers to larger presents. Beyond gift wrapping, Calico Santa Drawstring Bags can also be used for organizing holiday decorations, storing seasonal items, or as reusable gift bags for future occasions.

An important aspect of these bags is their eco-friendly nature. Made from natural cotton fibers, they are biodegradable and offer a sustainable alternative to traditional gift wrapping materials. By choosing Calico Santa Drawstring Bags, you not only spread holiday cheer but also contribute to environmental conservation efforts.


Please Note: We do our best to make the sizes as accurate as possible, but these are all handmade, sizes can very up 30mm.

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