Calico Black Range

“Introducing the all-new Calico Black collection – now available in a variety of styles, including Drawstring, Gussets, Shoulder, and Backpacks, featuring both single strap and double handle options. These versatile bags are not just fashionable; they’re also eco-friendly, making them perfect for any occasion or event.

For educational institutions and childcare centers, Calico Black bags offer an eco-conscious alternative to plastic, ideal for storing books, lunch kits, and other essentials. Moreover, for environmentally conscious individuals seeking to make a positive impact, these bags are perfect for fundraising, market stalls, and product packaging.

Businesses can also leverage these bags for marketing and promotional activities, aligning with the global shift away from plastic usage. With Calico Black, sustainability meets style and functionality.

So why not elevate your lifestyle with Calico Black bags today? Add a touch of personality and make a sustainable choice for a brighter future.”

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