Calico Drawstring Food & Ham Bags

Welcome to our premium Calico Drawstring Food & Ham Bags, meticulously crafted to surpass quality and safety benchmarks. Our unwavering commitment to a chemical-free and eco-conscious production line guarantees peace of mind, ensuring our Calico Drawstring Food & Ham Bags are devoid of harmful substances.

Emphasizing utmost sanitation, our fabric undergoes a rigorous hot washing process during manufacturing, elevating our Calico bags to ‘food grade’ status. Perfect for food preparation and cooking, our bags assure safety and cleanliness. Although our bags are pre-washed, we recommend an additional wash before using them for food to ensure optimal safety standards.

At our core, we prioritize reliability and environmental sustainability. Trust us to provide you with Calico bags that not only meet but exceed your expectations, offering a safe, sustainable, and food-grade solution for your needs.

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