Face And Body Paints

“Artistic Dens: Your Ultimate Destination for Safe and Fun Face & Body Painting!

At Artistic Dens, we pride ourselves on offering the perfect solution for all your face and body painting needs, no matter the occasion. Our range of Australian Made face and body paints is a must-have for anyone seeking quality fun while prioritizing safety. Ideal for both kids and adults, our non-toxic, water-based paints are among the safest products on the market.

Experience the difference with our premium quality paints, known for their smooth texture, thickness, and quick drying properties, ensuring excellent coverage and staying power. Whether you’re creating intricate designs or bringing characters to life, our paints make the process easy and enjoyable.

Rest assured, safety is our top priority. Our products are water-mixable and comply with AUS/NZ ISO 8123.4 Childs Paints For Safety standards, guaranteeing peace of mind for all users.

Moreover, our paints are free from shellfish, dairy, peanuts, eggs, wheat, or gluten, ensuring they’re safe for everyone to enjoy. Choose Artistic Dens for a fun-filled, safe, and unforgettable face and body painting experience that will leave lasting memories.” Please Note: Fluro Violet may exhibit a different intensity compared to other colors.

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