15ml Fake Blood Costume Tubes, Set of 6

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15ml Fake Blood Costume Tubes, Set of 6
Fake Blood is a high-quality imitation blood product suitable for professional theatrical applications and home use, replicating the texture and consistency of real blood with remarkable accuracy.

This versatile product can be applied using various methods such as fingers, sponges, cotton swabs, or dripping techniques. It serves not only as a theatrical prop but also as a practical tool for creating realistic effects, such as blood bags or medical tubes.

For creating authentic dried blood effects, it’s essential to consider the influence of gravity on the application process. Fake Blood will flow differently depending on whether the subject is sitting or standing, ensuring realism appropriate to the scenario. For instance, if the scene involves a subject lying on the ground, the blood should be applied accordingly.

To achieve a splatter effect, simply pour the fake blood into a bowl and flick it onto the desired surface using your fingers.

When applying Fake Blood directly to the skin, a light initial application provides a suitable base for building up realistic seeping blood effects. Allow each layer to dry before adding small pools of blood, manipulating them as they dry to create convincing wound effects. Using a hairdryer on a medium or low setting can expedite the drying process.

Fake Blood is compatible with most face and body paints, offering particularly realistic results when applied over a layer of white face and body paint for a gory ghoul effect.

For simulating small cuts or wounds, utilize a small flat synthetic brush to apply the Fake Blood with swift sideways movements before allowing it to dry. Ensure each cut is dry before applying additional layers.

Drying time varies depending on the application and environmental conditions. Light applications on the skin dry quickly, while fabric applications may take less than an hour when exposed to direct sunlight. Using a hairdryer on a medium or low setting can accelerate drying, but caution is advised to avoid disturbing the product.

It’s important to exercise caution and avoid contact with sensitive areas such as the mouth, eyes, and ears. In case of contact, rinse immediately with cold water. Fake Blood is not suitable for use on animals, and if ingested, medical attention should be sought.

Cleanup is simple with water, although staining may occur, so care should be taken during use.

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