15ml UV Glow Neon Fabric Paint tubes, Great For Cloth, Splatter Paint or Rave, Set of 10 By Artistic Den

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15ml UV Glow Neon Fabric Paint tubes, Great For Cloth, Splatter Paint or Rave, Set of 10 By Artistic Den
“Artistic Den UV Glow Neon Paints are favored within Australia’s nightlife scene, notably embraced by nightclubs and rave parties. Our Artistic Den UV Black Light Neon Screen Printing Ink is available in various sizes, catering to diverse printing needs.

Crafted with premium quality, our paint boasts a smooth and thick consistency that swiftly dries on fabric surfaces. It is non-toxic, water-based, and adheres to AUS/NZ ISO 8123.4 Childs Paints Safety standards, ensuring peace of mind for users. Free from shellfish, dairy, peanuts, eggs, wheat, or gluten, our products prioritize safety and inclusivity.

Proudly manufactured in Australia, our UV Glow Neon Paints are versatile, suitable for a myriad of occasions including clubbing, festivals, concerts, birthday parties, and any event where UV Black Light enhances the fun ambiance. Application is effortless with a fine brush, and removal is hassle-free with warm water.

Available in sets containing 10 tubes of 15ml each, our UV Glow Neon Paint Sets offer convenience and variety. Each set comprises 10 professional UV colors: Fluro Orange, Fluro Pearl Orange, Fluro Green, Fluro Pearl Green, Fluro Yellow, Fluro Blue, Fluro Pearl Blue, Fluro Violet, Fluro Pink, and Fluro Pearl Pink.

Our UV Glow paints exhibit remarkable properties, appearing as bright neon colors under natural lighting and vividly glowing under UV Black Light conditions. While Fluro Violet may have slightly subdued intensity compared to other hues, our Glow in the Dark paints possess a semi-translucent clarity in natural light and emit a vibrant self-glow in dark environments. For optimal luminosity, we recommend recharging the Glow in the Dark paint under bright incandescent light before use.

Furthermore, our Glow in the Dark ‘UV GLOW+’ variant not only self-glows but also fluoresces under UV Black Light, radiating a distinctive turquoise-like hue, reminiscent of a blend between yellow and blue. Experience the magic of Artistic Den UV Glow Neon Paints, designed to illuminate your creations with brilliance and charm.”

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