Textile UV Glow Neon Screen Printing Ink 50ml – 20kg

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Textile UV Glow Neon Screen Printing Ink 50ml – 20kg

“Our UV Neon Glow Textile Screen Ink illuminates with vibrant neon colors under natural light and glows brilliantly under UV blacklight conditions. Crafted with non-toxic, water-based, and water-mixable properties, our ink offers safe and versatile use.

Key Features:
– Color Properties: The ink exhibits bright neon colors under natural lighting and glows brightly under UV blacklight conditions.
– Free Delivery: Enjoy complimentary delivery to city CBD suburbs.
– Please Note: Extra delivery charges may apply for 20L/kg inks delivered outside major city CBD suburbs.
– Versatile Use: Suitable for clubbing, festivals, raves, concerts, birthday parties, and any event featuring UV blacklight for a fun experience.
– Premium Quality: Made with the purest pigments for lightfastness and durability, our ink contains no odors or harmful solvents.
– Ideal for Fabric: Suitable for use on cotton, polyester, silk, and most synthetic fabrics, making it a preferred choice among professional screen printers.
– Professional Grade: Used by professional screen printers, our ink offers commercial-grade quality.
– Fixing Recommendation: For maximum fixing, heat set for approximately 4-5 minutes at 150 degrees after the first full drying.
– Compatibility Testing: We recommend pre-testing for compatibility if unsure, although the ink may be used on other non-porous surfaces.
– Safe and Environmentally Friendly: Non-toxic, water-based, and lightfast, our ink is commercial-grade and utilizes pure pigments for optimal results.”

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