250ml Washable Kids School Paint Set of 12

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250ml Washable Kids School Paint Set of 12

**Australian Made 12 x 250ml Washable Kids Paint Set**

Our Australian-made Washable Kids Paint Set is specially crafted for kindergartens and childcare centers, offering a safe and vibrant painting experience for children. Here’s why it’s the perfect choice for creative projects and artistic exploration:

**Key Features:**

1. **Assorted Color Palette:** This set includes twelve 250ml bottles of washable paint in a variety of colors. The colors include Green, Blue, Black, White, Red, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Pink, Magenta, Mid Blue, and Lime, providing a diverse range of options for children to express their creativity.

2. **Non-Toxic and Washable:** Formulated to be non-toxic and washable, our kids’ paint ensures worry-free fun for children of all ages. The paints are easy to clean up with water, making them suitable for messy activities and classroom use.

3. **Thick Consistency:** Our paint boasts a thick consistency that easily squeezes out from the bottle, allowing for smooth and effortless application. The strong pigment colors enable intermixing, encouraging children to explore color blending and experimentation.

4. **Vegan and Environmentally Friendly:** Our paint is vegan-friendly and environmentally friendly, adhering to sustainable practices while delivering vibrant and long-lasting color. It is safe for children and the environment.

5. **Fast Drying and Intermixable:** The paints dry quickly, allowing children to enjoy their completed artworks sooner. Additionally, the intermixable nature of the colors encourages creativity and imagination, enabling children to create custom shades and hues.

6. **Conforms to Safety Standards:** Our paint conforms to Australian Standard 8124.3, ensuring compliance with safety regulations for children’s products.

**Ordering Information:**

– Each set includes twelve 250ml bottles of washable kids’ paint.
– Transform your childcare center or kindergarten into a colorful oasis of creativity with our Australian-made Washable Kids Paint Set. Safe, vibrant, and environmentally friendly, it’s the perfect choice for inspiring young artists and fostering imaginative play.

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