3 Packs of Oil Pastel Crayons’ Set of 12

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3 Packs of Oil Pastel Crayons’ Set of 12.
Introducing our Oil Pastel Crayons Set of 12 – an essential companion for artists seeking to infuse their creations with vivid color and rich texture. Crafted with precision and care, this curated collection of vibrant hues opens up a world of creative possibilities, whether you’re an aspiring artist or a seasoned professional.

Each pastel crayon in this set is expertly formulated to deliver creamy, blendable pigments that effortlessly glide across your chosen surface, be it paper, canvas, or board. With a buttery consistency and superb color payoff, these crayons allow you to layer, blend, and mix with ease, enabling you to achieve stunning effects and depth in your artwork.

From radiant primaries to subtle neutrals, our set offers a diverse spectrum of colors to suit every artistic vision. Whether you’re sketching landscapes, portraits, or abstract compositions, these pastel crayons provide the perfect palette to bring your ideas to life with brilliance and finesse.

Designed for durability and comfort, each crayon is encased in a sturdy casing that ensures mess-free handling and storage. Whether you’re working in the studio, en plein air, or on-the-go, our compact set is conveniently packaged for effortless portability and organization.

Unlock your creative potential with our Oil Pastel Crayons Set of 12 – the ultimate tool for artists who seek to express themselves boldly and beautifully through the transformative power of color.

Comes complete as a set of 12 colors, Red, Orange, Pale Orange, Yellow, Yellow Green Green, Sky Blue, Cobalt Blue, Yellow Ochre, Brown and White.


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