250ml Washable Kids Paints, Set of 6

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250ml Washable Kids Paints, Set of 6
**Australian Made 6 x 260ml Washable Kids Paint Set**

Our Washable Kids Paint Set is specially crafted to inspire young artists in kindergartens, childcare centers, and at home, offering a safe, vibrant, and easy-to-use painting experience. Formulated with careful consideration for safety, environmental impact, and quality, this set provides everything children need to explore their creativity and express themselves through art. Here’s why it’s the perfect choice for little ones:

**Key Features:**

1. **Assorted Colors:** The set includes six essential colors – Green, Blue, Black, White, Red, and Yellow – providing a versatile palette for a wide range of art projects. These colors are formulated with strong pigments, ensuring vibrant results that captivate children’s imaginations.

2. **Non-Toxic and Washable:** Our kids’ paint is formulated to be non-toxic and washable, making it safe for children of all ages to use. Parents and educators can have peace of mind knowing that the paint is free from harmful chemicals and easily washes off skin, clothing, and surfaces with water.

3. **Easy Application:** With a thick consistency that easily squeezes out of the bottle, our paint is perfect for young children who may prefer using their fingers over brushes. Children can explore different painting techniques and textures with ease, fostering their creativity and sensory development.

4. **Vegan and Environmentally Friendly:** Committed to sustainability, our paint is vegan-friendly and environmentally conscious. Manufactured in Australia, it adheres to strict quality and environmental standards, ensuring a minimal impact on the planet and future generations.

5. **Fast Drying and Intermixable:** The paint dries quickly, allowing children to admire and display their artwork sooner. Additionally, the colors are intermixable, encouraging experimentation and the creation of custom shades to further unleash creativity.

6. **Water Cleanup:** Cleanup is a breeze with our washable paint – simply use water to clean brushes, hands, and surfaces. This makes art activities more enjoyable and accessible while minimizing mess and stress for parents and educators.

7. **Australian Made:** Proudly manufactured in Australia, our paint set embodies quality craftsmanship and adherence to the highest safety and quality standards. By supporting locally made products, you contribute to the growth of Australian manufacturing and ensure the best for children’s artistic endeavors.

**Ordering Information:**

– Set Contents: 6 x 260ml bottles of Washable Kids Paint (Green, Blue, Black, White, Red, Yellow)
– Size: Each paint bottle contains 260ml of paint
– Compliance: Conforms to Australian safety standards for children’s paints

Ignite your child’s imagination and creativity with our Washable Kids Paint Set, designed for safe, colorful, and memorable artistic experiences. Whether used at home, in classrooms, or childcare centers, this set encourages children to explore, create, and express themselves through the joy of painting.

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